Spirit of Volunteerism Awards

© 2018 Albert Evangelista Photography (Instagram/Twitter: @aarree)

Due to COVID-19 the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Luncheon was cancelled this year and in its place, OneOC coordinated a fun and interactive virtual celebration on April 30, 2020 to recognize and thank 328 volunteer honorees for their service to our Orange County community!

If you missed the celebration materials that were shared via social media on April 30, you can view them all at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Celebration Page: https://oneoc.org/get-involved/community-events/spirit-of-volunteerism-awards-2/sov-day-of-event/

The Spirit of Volunteerism Awards Blog: This blog is filled with hundreds of stories about outstanding volunteers and the service they provide for our community.  They, along with the nonprofits and businesses they represent, make Orange County an amazing place to live. You can scroll through this blog’s posts to read about the 2020 volunteer honorees, or use the search field to locate specific honoree posts (scroll down for search field if using tablet or phone).

About OneOC’s Spirit of Volunteerism Awards: The Spirit of Volunteerism Awards provides an annual forum and non-competitive opportunity to recognize volunteers for their dedicated service to our community. Established in 1976, the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards is proud to be the oldest awards program in Orange County recognizing and celebrating the major involvement of individual, team and corporate volunteers. To learn more about the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards, please visit: http://www.oneoc.org

Special thank you to our generous 2020 Spirit of Volunteerism Sponsors: