Janet Rohm

Honored By: Cell Dogs Inc.
Cause Area: Animals & Environment

In all my years of non-profit work, I have never met anyone more dedicated and hard working than Janet Rohm! She has been volunteering for our Cell Dogs, Inc. organization for nearly 8 years and always gives 110%, regardless of the task. Our organization rescues dogs from local shelters where they are paired with at-risk youth at OC Probation or inmate trainers in local jails operated by the OC Sheriff’s Department. The dogs and trainers participate in a 10-12 week training program during which both are given second changes for a better life on the outside. The dogs are crate, potty trained and learn all their basic obedience commands during the 10-12 week program. After that they are available for adoption to members of the general public. Since volunteering for Cell Dogs, Janet has done it all! She is always on the lookout for great training canine candidates at local shelters. She evaluates them for behavioral soundness, cleans their kennels, socializes potential candidates with other appropriate dogs at the shelter through exercise and play sessions, grooms and bathes the dogs. She also makes a commitment of going to the shelter every day for nearly two weeks before they dogs are transported to their respective training programs to provide daily physical and mental exercise. Once the dogs are transferred to the program at OC Probation, Janet is responsible for the 10-12 week “hands-on” training program with the at-risk youth, aka “program trainers.” She is extremely knowledgeable with 30+ years of animal handling experience and does an amazing job of sharing that info with the staff and “program trainers” while demonstrating appropriate handling and training skills during weekly training sessions. She makes the learning process easy as both trainers and staff are constantly expressing their appreciation for teaching them valuable information about establishing a rewarding relationship with their family pets. Janet’s passion is forever present! Her positive attitude inspires everyone around her to do their best at the task at hand. Her “program trainers” are very grateful for her gentle and thorough way of explaining the information as it makes it easier to understand and practice with their dogs each day. Once they dogs have completed 75% of the required tasks, we begin to identify appropriate and suitable adopters for each dog. This is a bit of a “match making” process as we want to ensure that the eventual pairing is a good match for both the dog and the adopter. Recently, Janet has started to screen potential adopters and has done a wonderful job identifying loving homes for a recent group of “canine candidates.” Janet is an active member of her community and is always talking with people about her passion for Cell Dogs and inviting them to volunteer. With her help, very desirous and talented volunteers have joined our group. She is also a wonderful advocate for our program dogs and has identified wonderful homes thorough personal connections. All non-profits are extremely dependent on talented and dedicated volunteers, and Cell Dogs is no different. Thankfully, Janet is fully engaged in our “succession planning process” and is a wonderful mentor for new volunteers. She is a great teacher and gets great joy sharing her knowledge and techniques with all parties. You never want to lose a talented and dedicated volunteer, but I am confident that because of Janet’s commitment to ensure the perpetuity of Cell Dogs, we will be in a good position when she desires to finally retire. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your unselfish commitment to Cell Dogs!

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